Artificial intelligence (AI) is a simulation of human intelligence demonstrated by machines. AI refers to different processes in computer systems that mimic human behavior, such as using logic and rules for decision-making and learning from analyzing data to improve performance (machine learning – ML).

Regarding WordPress, artificial intelligence improves different management processes, automates complex jobs, and tailors website content according to visitors’ expectations and search engines’ requirements. AI-powered plugins are becoming popular solutions to make sites faster, smarter, and more accessible. 

Among the main tasks that AI plugins accomplish are:

  • Boost website SEO. AI-powered plugins allow optimizing posts, pages, and other structures while they’re being created. Such plugins analyze website content, compare it to competitor data, and suggest changes that must be done to increase page views and attract an audience that relates to your content.
  • Make websites more accessible. By designing accessible websites, you establish a better reputation for your brand and get through to more people. Many WordPress sites now use text-to-speech technologies provided by AI-based tools.
  • Introduce smart assistants. Chatbots that use artificial intelligence can improve customer service because they are available 24/7. They can make human workers more efficient by completing low-end repetitive tasks. 

Certainly, there are many more ways AI technologies can make better and help manage WordPress sites. But, sometimes, website owners must limit the usage of content-generating tools if they want their content to be visible on search engines. According to Google Search Advocate John Mueller, Google Search Console considers automatically generated content as spam. It seems Google doesn’t have the ability to detect auto-generated content, but I’m sure it’s on the way.

Special Mention: Crocoblock AI Integrations

Before we start looking at dedicated AI plugins, let me tell you exciting news: JetPlugins now also work together with AI to give users more power. One way to make websites better is by joining OpenAI with a strong form builder, which is what the JetFormBuilder plugin can do. By connecting this plugin to your OpenAI account using different integration tools, you can unlock new properties.

Employing form fields to fetch prompts for the AI generator provides some impressive features. They include refining grammar in posts and listings, transforming text into concise summaries, crafting SEO-friendly meta descriptions, and more. This fusion of JetFormBuilder and OpenAI not only streamlines content creation but also improves the overall website experience.

Another plugin that has started adding integrations with AI is JetEngine, and the first feature is SQL query generation for Query Builder

Using SQL Query Type, you can insert a custom query code and display whatever you want directly from your WordPress database on the front end. And the SQL query AI generator can give you such a code if you ask it with clear and simple human words! Read about this unique JetEngine feature in detail if that’s something you need for your site.

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